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On Friday the school took the polls and voted for their new class councillor. Each class had multiple candidates.  Well done to everyone who stood this year, I heard that many of your speeches were very persuasive and emotive.


I am pleased to announce that our new School Council  for 2018 -19 are:


Year 1 - Ava F and Jack S

Year 2 - Ashna S and Tia R

Year 3 - Scarlett C and Maya R

Year 4 - Maisie M and Zoe T

Year 5 - Nyah T and Maddox D

Year 6 - Swithin S and Jessica H


The first meeting is on Monday 24th September at lunchtime. At this meeting the council will decide who takes the roles of Council Leader, Deputy Leader and Secretary.


We have lots of things to organise and discuss this year. If you have any ideas please put them in the discussion box in the classroom or email