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Reading For Pleasure

Reading for pleasure opens new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.


Reading for pleasure also improves children's well-being and empathy. It helps them to understand their own identity and gives them an insight into the world and the views of others.


Research shows that reading for pleasure can be directly linked to children's success throughout their time at school and even through adulthood.


At Mosspits Lane Primary School we strongly promote the importance of Reading for Pleasure and we seek to foster a love of reading in all our children.



Parents/carers/family members - you can play your part and encourage a love of reading at home. Listen to your child read regularly and also read to your child. 


Thank you for your support.

Year Group Recommended Reading Lists for Home.


Our aim is to ensure that we put fantastic books in the hands of our children.  To support parents and children in making book selections for home, we have put together a recommended reading list for each year group. We have endeavored to create an exciting and appealing list of books to appeal to many tastes. The lists include fiction, poetry, graphic novels and a range of amazing non-fiction books. When selecting these titles, we have looked to include a diverse range of newly released titles which reflect the interests of our children. We have also included a number of titles to widen the reader choice of our children.