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These are some resources and ideas that children may find useful to enhance their musical learning at home. I have been using some of these in Music club and the children have enjoyed them. If you have any ideas that I may have missed please let me know.


Mr Toy


Our school music provider Front Row Music is offering a discounted subscription service for online guitar, ukulele and keyboard lessons throughout lockdown.

Here is a sample of some lessons

To find out more on how to access these lessons please visit


Front Row Music's YouTube videos - Online video lesson from Front Row Music

Ten Pieces At Home - Brilliant BBC resource with lots of listening and appraising ideas, as well as ways to create your own music at home.

BeatMaker - Make your own beats.

Incredibox - Use voices to make your own beats.

Sampulator - Samples and loops.

Drumbit - Online drum machine.

Online sequencer - An online sequencer!