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The Muddy Bank Project

The Muddy Bank Project


Our school grounds have need a rethink in recent months. Many areas had become worn and tired and we wanted to design an outdoor space which would appeal to the children and maximise opportunities for play and for outdoor learning.

One such area causing us problems was our muddy slope next to the railings on Woolton Road. Children would be asked to keep away from this when on the grass because it was muddy and they would tread the mud into school! This was not popular with our cleaners!



We came up with the idea of landscaping it so the children could walk and play between the trees at the same time as creating a garden area, with planting that children could use to learn about creatures and minibeasts in their science curriculum.

The project has been enormous fun. Local artist and gardener, Becky Barnett, designed the bank and Millar Landscapes constructed it. Then Becky researched and designed the planting to ensure that it was varied and interesting enough to be used by teachers in the curriculum.

Many of our pupils have been involved in the planting and upkeep of the bank and all pupils will use the area as part of their learning over the course of the next few years.

Thanks so much to Becky Barnett and her team of helpers, along with Mrs J Owens, Mr and Mrs Evans and Mrs Kyriakides for volunteering time and energy to make the project a success.

We will continue to update on how the plants grow and develop and we are already finding many creatures have found their home in the new habitat.

Follow our journey to improving our outdoor spaces via @outdoorMosspits on Twitter.