Mosspits Lane

Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

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Who's who

Leadership & Management Team

Miss L Everitt (Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs K Owens (Deputy Headteacher & Curriculum Lead)
Miss K McGing (Y2 teacher, Assistant Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs L Davison (Y5 teacher, Assistant Headteacher & Assessment Lead)

Office Staff and Site Manager

Mrs H Taylor - School Bursar
Mrs A Sumner - Admin Officer
Mrs S Summers - Admin Assistant
Mrs G Tibke - Clerical Officer
Mr J Taylor - Site Manager

Key Governors

Mrs E Cheliotis - Chair of Governors
Mrs J Smith - Vice-chair of Governors

Phase and Inclusion Leadership

Mrs J Culshaw - EY teacher, EY Phase Leader & Phonics Lead (SLT)
Mrs L Griffiths - Y1 teacher, KS1 Phase Lead & Reading Lead (SLT)
Miss H Lisney - Y4 teacher, KS2 Phase Lead & Maths Lead (SLT)
Miss K Ainsworth - Y5 teacher & Inclusion Lead (SLT)

Teaching Staff and Subject Leadership

Mr A Harbottle - EY teacher & Science lead (TLR)
Mr T Toy -Y1 teacher & Music lead
Mrs S Macmillan: Y2 teacher & School Council lead
Miss S Corrin - Y2 teacher & History lead
Miss K Brown - Y3 teacher & PE lead
Mrs E Sanderson - Y3 teacher & MFL lead
Mrs C Kennedy - Y4 teacher & Computing lead (TLR)
Mrs Kelly-Kirkwood - Y4 teacher currently on Mat Leave
Miss A Underwood - Y5 teacher & Geography lead
Miss A Dunning - Y6 teacher & PSHE lead
Miss K Gledhill - Y6 teacher & Art lead
Mrs K Johnson: PPA teacher & RE lead

Teaching and Learning Support Staff

Mr S Kelly: PE Coach and Sports Enrichment lead
Mrs D Rogers: EYFS Key Worker
Mrs J Baker: EYFS Key Worker
Miss A Miller: Y1 Teaching assistant
Miss C Christie: Y1 Teaching assistant
Miss C Twiss: Y2 Teaching assistant
Mrs J Hamilton: HLTA and Y2 Teaching assistant
Mrs S Connell: Y2 Teaching assistant
Mrs S Long - Y3 Teaching assistant
Mrs K Schofield: Y4 Teaching assistant
Miss V Brown: HLTA and Y5 Teaching assistant
Mrs J Owens: Y6 Teaching assistant
Mrs A Theophanous: Whole school pastoral support assistant
Miss N Coleman: 1:1 Learning support
Mrs E Tully: 1:1 Learning support assistant

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Mrs E McCandless: Senior LSA &Cleaner
Mrs J McCormick: LSA & Cleaner
Mrs T Scarisbrick: LSA and Cleaner
Ms A Lynch: LSA & 1-1 Learning Support assistant
Mr B Kilbride: Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss B Gibson: Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Parkinson: Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss J Birchall: Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Astin: LSA & Playworker
Lunchtime Supervisor
LSA & Playworker
LSA & Cleaner
Miss L Sellers: Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Mcloughlin: Lunchtime Supervisor

Catering and Cleaning staff

Mrs S Donohue: Head Chef
Miss G Colombrita: Assistant Chef
Mrs M Lowe: Catering assistant
Mrs S Hilton: Catering assistant
Mrs P Kwong: Catering assistant
Miss E Selby: Cleaning staff
Miss C Staunton: Cleaning staff & Deputy Playworker
Miss Ann King:Catering assistant & Cleaner

Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs R Brown: Manager
Miss L Morrow: Playworker