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At Mosspits we consider maintaining high attendance very important. We do this because good attendance is important to the achievements, wellbeing and wider development of pupils. We are committed to supporting all pupils to attend well and have set a target of 97% attendance for pupils and the whole school. 


School timings and punctuality

School gate and classroom doors open: 8:45am

School gate closes and lessons begin: 8:55am


Please ensure that your child arrives at school by 8:55am at the latest each morning.  It is important that children come to school on time every day so that they don't miss out on learning.  Continual punctuality is important because if, for example, a child arrives 15 minutes late at school each day, they lose almost 2 weeks of education a year!



Holidays during term time

Term time leave for holidays will not be authorised at our school. We ask that all families take their holidays during the school holiday periods. Parents who choose to take their child out of school without written permission from the school may be issued with a fixed penalty notice from the city council.  Only in exceptional circumstances may the Designated Attendance Lead grant permission for leave.



Reporting absence

If your child will be absent from school, please report this to the school office (0151 722 1716), preferably by 8:30am. It is important to identify the reason for absence, including any symptoms that your child is experiencing. 


You may be asked to provide school with medical evidence if it is felt that your child's absences are excessive or sporadic. We are committed to supporting families in this instance and we may be able to make referrals to the school nurse or other agencies, if it is felt appropriate. 



Is my child too ill for school?

There is a helpful webpage published by the NHS (namely 'Is my child too ill for school?') which can support decision-making about whether your child is too ill to stay off school.