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🎨 Art at Mosspits 🎨


At Mosspits, we pride ourselves on a broad, creative Art curriculum where children are given varied opportunities to experience different types of art, artists, cultures/societies, periods in history and media while consolidating art and design knowledge and skills. Our Art curriculum has been devised to ensure that it is bespoke to our children, related to the locality they live in as well as the wider world of Art and Design. It has been designed to include artists who represent our local and world community, artists of varied genders, cultures and religions, as well as those who are known as historically significant and those more modern. We want our children to experience realism alongside interpretive and abstract art.


Over time, we have streamlined our Art curriculum to focus more on developing mastery and clear progression in the following knowledge and skills: drawing, painting, printing and 3D art. This means that units of work build on previous learning each year so that pupils are more adept in these areas of Art by the end of each key stage. Children are encouraged to experiment and learn through practical activities where knowledge and skills are thoroughly developed and continually built upon as they progress through the school. Every unit of art allows children to express their opinions, reactions and feelings towards artworks and art movements,giving them opportunities to express themselves and share their individual identities. 


All Art units are designed in the same way - they begin with an exploration of the background of the Art topic and/or artist, followed by a detailed focus and practice of the techniques, skills and use of media using sketchbooks. The knowledge and skills are then applied at the end of a unit so that pupils produce a final piece - a 3D model, a painting, a print or a drawing.



Below you will find our Curriculum Map, Progression of Learning as well as a map of artists, themes and media which shows how we deliver our broad curriculum.


If you would like to follow more on Art in our school, please follow @MissKGledhill on Twitter. 



Art in Mosspits Lane Primary