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Mosspits PSHE Curriculum

PSHE at Mosspits


At Mosspits Lane Primary School, we pride ourselves in developing the whole child.  Our intent is to provide them with the tools they will need as they grow into responsible and independent members of society. In Mosspits, our PSHE curriculum focuses on Relationships, Living in the Wider World and Health and Wellbeing.  In PSHE lessons, we aim to help the children become aware of how they are developing personally and how this might affect their emotions. Our intent is to make them aware of cultural, moral and social issues that might surround them as they grow up and give them the strategies they may need to handle these issues in a responsible and respectful manner. The children are taught about their own rights and responsibilities and about how they can play a positive role in contributing to their wider community. 



Our school has chosen to create a scheme of work reflective of the children's needs and supported by the PSHE Association. Each class are taught lessons within the same topic at the same time. 

The scheme of work consists of:

  • Relationships
  1. Families and Friendships
  2. Safe Relationships
  3. Respecting Ourselves and Others
  • Living in the Wider World
  1. Belonging to a Community 
  2. Media Literacy and Digital Resilience
  3. Money and Work
  • Health and Wellbeing 
  1. Physical Health and Wellbeing 
  2. Growing and Changing
  3. Keeping Safe

We regularly review and update our bespoke curriculum to reflect current events, data and the needs of all our children. Over time, we have streamlined our curriculum to focus and prioritise key content to enable all children to internalise essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens.


Our curriculum provides an opportunity to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, whilst nurturing  and encouraging a development of many diverse aspects of life. Mosspits provides equality of opportunity, a school curriculum beyond the academic and fosters personal and social development for all. 

If you would like to review a selection of our resources, please take a look on the link below. 

Below you will find our Curriculum Map and relevant policies, which shows how we deliver PSHE and RSE across the school.