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Music Club will hopefully be up and running for Year 1 soon. We are currently looking at ways of engaging the children whilst following our covid safety guidelines.


Music Club for Year 1 during lunch times.

The children will be exploring different ways of making music, using keyboards, ukuleles, tablets and other musical instruments. We will be listening to a piece of music every week and talking about how it makes us feel, and what we can hear. The children will be able to share some of their favourite music and speak to the other children in the group. We will be building up our skills to be able to play along, and create our own music. 
The club is already full for this half term and next half term, but we will be extending later on in the year. Please speak to Mr Toy if you want to join. 


There has been a Mosspits Music twitter account set up. Please follow it @mosspitsmusic If you have any questions or ideas then please use twitter to connect with me. 



School Curriculum

The school uses the Charanga music scheme from EYFS  to Year 6. This is a modern, exciting music scheme, with many of the resources online and interactive. We do have the capacity to set up individual home accounts for children who wish to practise their skills using the safe online space where students can learn, play and develop their musicianship.

For more information, follow the link:

If you feel that your child would benefit from this please send a message to Mr Toy