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Y4 Indian-themed day with Chaturangan

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic Indian-themed day in Spring, thanks to a visit from Bisakha, Chris and Kali from Chaturangan. A fun-filled day was spent learning about Indian culture via storytelling, music and dance.


The children danced to the story of Rama and Sita from Indian mythology and Hinduism.
Sita was kidnapped by a 10-headed monster and Rama had to cross the ocean, was swallowed by a snake and had to tickle it to escape and rescue Sita with help of a monkey.
Musical instruments the children heard played:
Tabla - two drums (dot made out of charcoal and iron filings to create the ringing sound)
Venu - bamboo flute
Kasht tarang - wooden xylophone
The children loved learning about Indian culture and Hinduism and asked really thoughtful questions about Hinduism, sport and life in India.