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History at Mosspits Lane Primary



In line with the Opening Worlds humanities programme, our History curriculum at Mosspits Lane is designed to secure the highest possible quality of education for pupils. It has a focus on ensuring that children receive teaching and learning that properly includes knowledge rich historical content and reflects academic practices of history.


Children are taught substantive content which is presented through accounts, subject specific vocabulary and through explicit links between topics. This knowledge is designed to be ‘sticky’ and ensure that children are excited by the subject and naturally make deep connections between knowledge learned and knowledge taught.


The curriculum is also designed to include and address disciplinary content. Children are taught to ask historical questions, use the concepts of continuity and change as well as similarity and difference. It allows them to work towards creating their own accounts or analyses of topics taught.


The focus on secure vocabulary acquisition supports the teaching of literacy across the school. Clear understanding of key words allows children to better access reading materials and allows for better comprehension of new information. The topics taught offer children are socially broad, ensuring representation of all types of people and cultures. They allow children to understand deeper how and why our understanding of history has been shaped.


Our History curriculum takes account of and embraces our locality with a focus, at points, on local history.