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New Apple Shelter installed


Look at our a-peeling new structure!

There has been a real buzz around school with the installation of our new Apple Shelter. The unique structure is the creation of Scot Fletcher of Handspring Design and it's a welcome addition to our school grounds. We spent a lot of time researching different structures and shelters and we wanted something that fitted with our vision for an inspiring outdoor environment.

The Apple Shelter is made from oak with a galvanised steel roof.
It is handmade from UK grown FSC Oak and it is steam bent and laminated in a unique process to make the curvy ribs. The floor and seats are also oak. Handspring Design choose oak partly due to its deep cultural resonance but primarily due to its resilience and durability for outside – it will last for a very long time without needing treating or impregnating with the nasty chemicals that most softwood outdoor timber is treated with.
Our shelter is approx 3m in diameter and 3m tall, topped with a leaf and stalk weathervane and will seat almost a whole class of children. In the core in the centre is space to put seeds.

We will use our Apple shelter for a quiet, reflective space during playtimes and for storytelling, circle time and philosophy sessions during curriculum time.
The Apple will also be a centre-piece for the development of our school grounds and playground area. Our vision is to develop spaces in an ecological way using natural products and local practitioners where possible. We want the grounds, not just to look great, but to be a fantastic resource for learning across the curriculum.

We plan to develop a fruit nursery and plant a small orchard of apple trees.

Look out for another new addition in March! We have also commissioned Handspring Design to create and install a Sweet Chestnut Leaf pergola over the seating area next to the Apple Shelter. This is the miniature prototype. This is the first one ever made by Handspring and is truly bespoke to our school.