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The table below sets out expectations for school uniform at our school:


Non-PE days

Full school uniform is expected to be worn on non-PE days           

PE days

Children are permitted to wear PE kits on PE days


-a white polo shirt for EYFS pupils only (Compulsory and branded)

-a white shirt (Compulsory and unbranded)

-a Mosspits tie (Compulsory)

-a Mosspits jumper or cardigan (Compulsory and branded)

-grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress (Compulsory and unbranded)

-black school shoes (no sports shoes, please)(Compulsory and unbranded)

-a jumper (Mosspits hooded sweatshirt, Mosspits sweatshirt or a Mosspits pullover)

-a polo shirt with the Mosspits logo embroidered or a plain white, unbranded t-shirt

-Mosspits jogging pants or plain royal blue jogging pants / Mosspits PE shorts or plain royal blue PE shorts (Branded or Unbranded)



School uniform can be ordered and paid for directly from our suppliers 'The Uniform Factory' using the following link: 


From June 2023 'Kitted Out'



Unbranded items can be purchased at any retailer 


Second hand uniform sales are organised by the school Parents' Association at £1 per item


Please label every item of clothing with your child's name, so that lost items can be reunited with their owners.