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Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast and After School Club

Key information at a glance

The breakfast club operates from 7:45am – 8.55am during term time.


The after school club operates from 3.25pm – 6.00pm during term time.


The club manager and deputies are Mrs Rachel Brown (Manager), Ms Clare Staunton (Deputy Breakfast Club)


Contact information:


Current cost schedule

  • £5.50 per child for breakfast club.
  • £11.00 per child for after school club.

Registration Fee £10 per child

Please note, these costs can change at any time. The latest information will always be displayed here.


Payment information

Once all paperwork has been completed and received by the Breakfast and After School Club you will be able to use parentpay to pay the registration fee and for future sessions at the club.


There will be a minimum transaction amount of £5.50 when booking sessions online. There will be a facility to top up your account balance with credit to use for the school club at a later date if you wish.


Trouble logging in? It may be because the school doesn’t have your current email and mobile phone number on record. Please contact the school and we’ll update the details on our system or contact parentpay directly on telephone number: 02476 994 820 or by email -  Alternatively, visit the school office to book and pay in cash or cheque.


Introduction and overview

An introduction from senior club manager Mrs Rachel Brown

Please read the policy document for specific information including procedures. As this is a new venture we would welcome parent and child feedback so we can make this provision as good as we can.


At Mosspits we ‘nuture through respect, inspire through creativity and succeed beyond expectations,’ and the school is proud to be able to offer a breakfast and after school club, within a safe and secure environment, offering a range of activities based on the children’s interests.


This wrap-around care provision is for the current children of Mosspits Lane’s school. It is at present term time only. We will ascertain whether we can provide holiday care at a later date.


The clubs will be child centred, purposeful, playful and fun.


The school also offers a range of extra-curricular activity clubs which are organised by current staff members or external providers, which follow on from the end of the school day. (It should be noted that many of the external clubs will charge an additional fee.) You can find out about these clubs when they are released at the start of each term.


Breakfast club

Our breakfast club runs from 7:45am to 8.55am, Monday to Friday. The club will be fully supervised, providing a safe and fun start to the day which includes indoor activities, games and film. There will be a choice of breakfast cereals, toast, pancakes, muffins, crumpets and yoghurts for your child/children to enjoy plus a drink each day.


After school club

Our after school club runs from 3.15pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Once registered, the children will be encouraged to have fun through play-based activities and are fully supervised at all times. Those children who are attending any extra-curricular activities go independently to their chosen clubs and are collected by after school staff at the end of the extra-curricular club session.


The after school club is lucky enough to be able to take full advantage of the whole school environment, including the playground and grassed area. The children are free to choose from a selection of both planned and unplanned activities which enhances their learning. Resources will be readily available, which could include arts and crafts, colouring and drawing, board games, construction, role play, physical play and quiet areas for reading etc. Tablets will occasionally be available for educational games. There will also be themed days / weeks based on Christmas, Easter and the celebrations of other cultures and traditions, where the children can get all creative. During the winter months there will be an option of a film.


At Mosspits Lane we recognise the importance of healthy eating. The children will sit down to a healthy snack at 4:30pm. As our school promotes independence, we will encourage the children to clear away afterwards. The club will include a variety of snacks and there will also be a seasonal menu.


Payment and booking

The payment system, via our online system (parent pay) is now live.


Other information

  • Ongoing feedback from the children will be sought and encouraged, to find out what activities they enjoyed throughout the week as the children’s interests are central to our aims.
  • We will meet any of your child’s individual dietary or specific requirements, and preferences where possible.
  • If any child has an accident whilst at any of our clubs, as parents you will be informed when you collect your child, or immediately if there are any concerns regarding the injury.
  • Please keep checking the website for the most up to date information.
  • Email us at or with any questions or concerns.


We are very excited to be starting this new venture at the school!


Best wishes,


Rachel Brown (Breakfast and After School Club Manager)



Detailed policy information


The breakfast and after school club exists to provide high quality out-of-school hours childcare for our parents. It provides a range of stimulating and creative activities in a safe environment, within our ethos of nuturing through respect, inspiring through creativity and succeeding beyond expectations,’ and will be run by staff from the school, and led by Mrs Rachel Brown and her deputies, Ms C Staunton and Ms Nicola Coleman.


The breakfast club operates from 7:45am – 8.55am during term time.


The after school club operates from 3.15pm – 6.00pm during term time.


A copy of this policy is provided to all parents of children attending the club and is also available on the school website.


All parents must complete a registration form for each child attending the club and sign this agreement to adhere to the terms of this policy.



  • Only children attending Mosspits Lane Primary School are eligible to attend.
  • All places are subject to availability.
  • The registration process must be completed prior to the child’s commencement at the club.
  • All parents will receive a paper copy of this policy and this policy is available to view via our school website.
  • All club staff are made aware of the details of a new child.
  • Children’s attendance is recorded in a register.

Arrival and Departure

Breakfast School Club

  • Parents/Carers are required to bring their child directly to club where a member of staff will sign them in. You should enter the club via the pedestrian gate on Woolton Road , the staff will be alerted to your arrival when you press the intercom situated on the left of the gate.
  • Children will be escorted to their class at the beginning of the school day..


After School Club

  • All children will be collected from their classroom.
  • The club staff will take a register of all attending children and will liaise with the class teacher/school office to determine any reason why a child is not accounted for.



  • When a child is collected at the end of or during a session, they will be signed out by a member of staff and the time recorded.
  • The parent/carer or named collector must inform a member of staff that they are collecting and signing out a child.
  • Parents/carers must ensure that any person who may collect their child is listed on the registration form and that it is kept fully up to date.
  • Parents must inform Club staff if their child is going to be absent from Club by phoning the club mobile number: 07704076776 or by emailing


Daily Routine

Morning session

  • Parents bring their children to Breakfast Club situated in the school canteen where a range of activities are available. Hands are sanitised. Children are in PODs.
  • 7:45 – 8:30am children enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast.
  • 8.30am tidy up time encouraging the children to take responsibility for the environment.
  • 8.45am Each POD collects their coats and bags and the children  are escorted to their classroom. POD 4 is permitted to walk unaccompanied to their class.


After school session

  • 3:15pm – Reception children are collected from their classroom.
  • 3.15pm – Children in years 1 and 2 are collected from their classroom.
  • 3:15pm – All other children are collected from their classrooms.
  • 3.45pm – 4.30pm Children can then choose from a range of play and planned activities, both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).
  • 4.30pm – Children will have their snack.
  • 5:00 – 5:45pm Free play, indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).
  • 5:45pm – tidy up time encouraging the children to take responsibility for the environment.



Whilst attending Club children are expected to follow the school ethos and rules. The school behaviour management policy applies at all times, including the rewards and sanctions.


First Aid

The school first aid and administration of medication policy applies at all times.

Parents of any child who become unwell during Club will be contacted immediately. If a child is sent home during school hours, the school office will inform the Club of their absence.


Missing or Uncollected children

Missing children

In the event that a child goes missing, the following procedure will be undertaken:

  • Senior school staff will be informed of the missing child.
  • Club supervisor will search the inside of the building and delegate an outside search of the building to another member of staff. If the child remains missing, the emergency services will be contacted.


Uncollected children

If a child has not been collected by 6.00pm parents will be contacted in the first instance by telephone.

The additional contacts parents have provided will be telephoned in the second instance. If these contacts are unavailable after approximately one hour, the police and Social Services will be informed.


Payment of Fees

Fees are to be paid in advance and payment is due for all contracted sessions even if your child is unable to attend their booked session*.

The parent signing the clubs registration form is known as the ‘contracting parent’ and is responsible for payment of all fees.


If a parent is experiencing difficulty with payment of their fees, they should contact the school office staff as soon as possible. Our staff will treat all matters confidentially and arrange for discussions in private.


It is possible to pay fees via our online booking system. This can be accessed via the internet, app or at the school office. The name of the booking system is parentpay. We are also willing to take childcare vouchers.


The current session capacity is 60 children.


*Parents can change their sessions at the end of each half term to start in the next half term. Cancellation of a place requires 2 weeks notice.


Related Whole School Policies:

The breakfast and after school club is an extension of the school, so all school policies apply to the running of this provision. Of particular note are:

  • Safeguarding and Child protection policy.
  • Equal opportunities policy.
  • Health and Safety policy.
  • First aid and administration of medicines.
  • Online safety policy.