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Overview of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing at Mosspits

Here at Mosspits Lane Primary,  we are passionate about teaching our children how to manage their emotional wellbeing.


Our Aims

  • To encourage children to identify positive attributes about themselves.
  • To offer a safe and nurturing environment where pupils feel comfortable in talking about their feelings and emotions.
  • To enable children to identify when they are feeling challenged.
  • To provide children with strategies that they can use when they are finding things difficult.
  • To support every child to enable them to reach their full potential.



The Mental Health Award

As a school we want to ensure the very best provision for our children in terms of their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We want our children to know what support is available to them and to ensure that they feel confident in asking for help when they need it.

To support is in developing our provision we took part in the 'Mental Health Award' which was delivered by Leeds Beckett University.  In November 2020 we successfully completed the award and achieved the silver status. This is something we are extremely proud of and will continue to develop moving forward.