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Oliver Beazant - An Update May 2016


May 2016

An Update – Oliver Beazant


Hi to all Parents, teachers and pupils associated with Mosspits Lane Primary School,



Initially, an update on Oliver Beazant given it's been 10 weeks since Oliver arrived back home from the United States and as you all may well know, Oliver is now back in school  trying to regain the normality he has lost over the past 9 months.


Myself, Jane and Oliver would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the help and support that we received during this time.


All in all Oliver had 5 cycles of chemoptherapy (including 2 in Jacksonville) and a combined 34 radiotherapy and proton beam therapy treatments. Oliver has been extremely brave throughout the course of his treatment and we are so grateful of he financial and emotional support including all the messages from the people associated with Mosspits. We read out your messages to Oliver at his bedside when he was sick and it was very uplifting for him.


We are so happy and grateful to have him back home and the people inside and outside of Mosspits have made it so easier for ourselves and Oliver by integrating him slowly back into his daily school routine.


Oliver is still not completely over his ordeal, however we are very positive with his progress and he will undergo 6 months of Interferon injections to boost his immunity as his body is very weak after losing around 10 kilo during his treatment which he still hasn't yet regained. The Nutricia Nutrini milk feed will be given to Oliver overnight to boost his calories until his appetite completely improves. These Interferon injections will finish in October providing all goes to plan. Oliver had a slight setback 2 weeks ago when a faulty syringe became detached allowing the needle to fall into his leg.  Consequently, we followed doctor's advice for the needle to remain in his leg because it could do more harm than good if they open his leg to look for the needle which they may not find and there is risk of infection.


Furthermore Oliver recently had his initial Mri scan since arriving back from the United States and we are hoping for a positive result but it will take time for the treatment he had, to be effective however we are told that the tumour should gradually shrink over time.


We are all upbeat about Oliver's future and wish to thank everybody involved in the support of his road to recovery.


Thanks again


Colin, Jane and Oliver