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Year 6 Are Challenged To Make A Fiver Grow In A Month

We have launched the Fiver event with the Year 6 children. It was received with great enthusiasm, with many of the groups agreeing to meet up or email each other, over the Half Term holiday, to get a head start on the challenge.


The Fiver Challenge will take place during June using resources from the Fiver Challenge website to complete weekly challenges. The product or service offered by the group will be sold in the community, school and the Summer Fair (on the 26th June).


This is the second year of the Fiver Challenge, the first time Mosspits has been involved. We hope to develop the “Young Enterprise 8 employability skills”, which are:

Teamwork, Problem Solving, Financial Literacy, Confidence, Organisation, Communication, Resilience and Entrepreneurial Ability.


Mr Harbottle, the PSHEe Coordinator, is overseeing the challenge with the help of Mrs Murphy and Miss Kelly, the Year 6 teachers. He said, "I was really pleased at the initial response from our Year 6 pupils. They have already come up with some great products and services, some groups have decided to go into partnerships and some children are planning to ask their parents to become investors in their business. I look forward to see the profits coming in.”


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