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Awards and Awards Pending

Our commitment to PE and Sport has resulted in recognition from the School Games Mark, where we have achieved the Gold standard!  Physical activity is a major part of our daily school life and the children thrive whilst taking part in the Daily Mile, competitions, PE lessons and activity at playtimes.  Mr. Kelly, our sports coach, works with all children throughout the school from Reception to Y6.  

Self Evaluation Opportunities


We believe that applying for awards allows us to gain an excellent perspective of our practice and how it can be enhanced.  This year, we are beginning to work with the following bodies in our self-evaluation activities:


YPAS' Rainbow Flag Award  ( 

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for all schools and youth-centred organisations. The award focuses on positive LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility.

The Rainbow Flag Award encourages a whole organisation approach to LGBT+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to effectively challenge and combat LGBTphobic bullying.

Committing your school or organisation to the Rainbow Flag Award is a commitment to improve the lives of all the young people that you work with, as well as the LGBT+ young people in your care, those from LGBT+ families, and LGBT+ staff members.


IQM - Inclusion Quality Mark (

'The Inclusion Quality Mark Award provides UK schools with a nationally recognised validation of their inclusive practice and ongoing commitment to developing educational inclusion.'


ARC - Attachment Research Community (


'The ARC Matrix is a detailed assessment and planning structure for understanding and developing your setting’s work on attachment and trauma. The Matrix is designed as a ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ approach, giving senior leaders a comprehensive overview of their school’s development and an individual’s understanding of their journey, aligning them to Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and the National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) framework. It has three strands: individual, institutional and community and three foci: people, process and outcomes and will support the ARC Pathway through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of commitment.'