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Weekly Homework

   Homework Information: Year 1  


Please upload photographs  of your Homework to your child's portfolio on the Class Dojo's app. 


Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Sanderson




This half term we will be focussing on Phonics and Reading for homework. 



Children will bring home a worksheet each day with sounds they have been taught that day. 

Encourage the children to practice saying the sound and reading the words using 'fred talk, read the word'

You could even make up an alien word with that sound in e.g. 'ou' - 'sloum' again encourage the children to read the word aloud using 'fred talk, read the word'


We have introduced 'book bag books' for the children. 

These still follow our phonics program and relate to your child's colour group. 

Read these books at least 3 times for fluency. 


Read your Oxford Owl Book (online) at least 3 times for fluency.

Remember to read your Green Speedy Words, Green Storybook Words and Red Words.

There is also a quiz to complete. 




Use these websites to access maths games. 

This will recap things we have learnt this year: