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Take a Peek - Once a Week! Head lice campaign


Dear Parents/Carers,


We have had a number of cases of head lice reported recently and we know this is particularly frustrating. We no longer have a 'nit nurse' like many years ago where all pupils had hair checked, and we are not permitted to check children's hair ourselves. So we have decided to be adopt the campaign that Hedrin use, called 'Take a Peek, Once a Week'.


We don't advocate the use of Hedrin products as this is a personal choice, but we do like the campaign's message and the leaflet which can be found in the Health section of our website and which has been emailed to you all this week. We like it because it is easy to use and has good advice; this advice has been given the support of our school nurse.


Each month, we plan to text all parents/carers to remind you to 'take a peek'. Checking regularly, we hope, will help us to reduce cases of head lice in school. 


Thank you for your support in this.