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Oliver's Cause - an update


Oliver Beazant – Liverpool Echo 15th February 2016


Dear Parents,


You may have seen an article in the Liverpool Echo (15th February 2016) about one of our pupils, Oliver Beazant in Year 5.


Oliver is undergoing lifesaving treatment for a rare cancer of the head, neck and throat. He has had to go to Jacksonville in Florida, USA for Proton Beam Therapy treatment as there is no Proton treatment centre in the UK. Oliver has been there since early January and after undergoing 36 treatments he will return in late March / early April. His parents have had to give up work but still need to meet their living expenses whilst in Florida. To help fund this Oliver’s father has set up a gofundme page in order for donations to be made to support the family over the next few months.


Mosspits Lane Primary School is also trying to help Oliver and his family by collecting donations. We are very proud to say that £1800 has been raised, which included £500 from the local Rotary Club. Thank you so much for your support; it means a lot to us.


If you would still like to make a donation either visit the gofundme page at


Kind regards,

Miss Everitt