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Hello and Goodbye!

It's been a day of tears and smiles today. cool frown


Smiles for all the children achieving so much this academic year and moving on to bigger and better things.


Smiles because it's the Summer Break (where has the year gone?!) and all the teachers, TAs and our wonderful support staff can have a well-deserved rest and recharge.


Smiles because Miss Warn is getting married and will return to school as Mrs Davison.


Smiles because Miss Ainsworth and Miss McGing are going on maternity leave - we wish them well and look forward to seeing their bundles of joy soon.


But also a few tears have been


Tears from our Year 6 children as they leave the school and face the next chapter of their school life. We wish them well and know they will represent Mosspits in their new schools. We look forward to hearing about their successes and achievements.


Tears because after 15 years Mrs Bray is leaving us. Serving as the Deputy Headteacher of the Mosspits Infants and then Mosspits Lane Primary, Mrs Bray has been a fantastic role model, mentor, teacher and friend to children, parents and colleagues alike. We wish her a very healthy, happy and long retirement. 


And tears because other members of staff and children are leaving us for a variety of reasons:


Mrs Rynn, Miss Vernon, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Stout, Miss McCormick - they have all made their mark in their long and short times at Mosspits. They have brought their talents and abilities, as well as a genuine love and care, supporting children and colleagues. They will be remembered with fondness and missed too. We wish them well in their next chapter.


We've said our goodbyes in different ways but as Dr Seuss says:


"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"


School life and life in general, is full of comings and goings, we are thankful for every single person who is part of our school community; and although they may not be with us we know that they legacy continues long after they have gone.


Have a great summer everyone!