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European day of languages 2015

la journée européenne des langues 2015


On Wednesday September 23rd, we celebrated European Day of Languages 2015. (This date actually fell onto the Saturday, so we decided to celebrate it a few days earlier.)


We had a range of creative enrichment activities taking place in school, all French-themed, as this is our school's chosen language of study. Pupils visited our cinéma français to enjoy some popular French-language films; Reception and Key Stage 1 enjoyed a viewing of 'princes et princesses' whilst Key Stage 2 watched 'tin tin et les 7 boules de cristal'.


Each class listened to a French story and continued to explore and practise their French language skills, Year 1 and 2 were lucky to have a visit from Monsieur Levy who read them the story 'Le grand mystère de la petite souris'. The children loved listening to French being spoken by a native French speaker and really enjoyed hearing about the French tradition of 'la petit souris' (In France children hear the story of the little mouse just like  we have the Tooth Fairy in England).


Classes explored different areas of French culture on the day. Reception enjoyed learning the names of the colours in French and had a French food tasting session. Year 1 listened to the famous 'le carnaval des animaux' by French composer Saint-Saëns and held their very own Carnival of the Animals in the hall. Year 2 and 3 classes explored the work of famous French artists Seurat and Rousseau and produced some excellent artwork inspired by the artists.


In Year 4 children investigated all the French speaking countries around the world and created natural sculptures based on famous French landmarks. Years 5 and 6 researched Paris and France using the Ipads and created their own tourist information videos.


Our French fun continued at lunch time with a French-themed school lunch in the canteen and games leaders taught children the traditional French playground game 'la marelle' on the playground. 


We had a fantastic day, c'était incroyable!