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Sporting achievements (Competitions)


Mosspits Lane Primary School 

Sporting Achievements (Competitions)

Over the year, many of our children are invited and/or put themselves forward to represent Mosspits in sporting competitions.


We celebrate every single participant's achievements!


The table below sets out the achievements for the year 2018/2019:

Event Year group Position
CrossCountry - Race 1 (Wavertree) Year 5 & 6 2nd Place Finish
LSSP - Triathlon Year 5 & 6


LSSP - Dodgeball 

Years 5 & 6 

4th Place

Mosspits v Dovedale (Friendly) Years 5 & 6 Won 3-0
CrossCounrty - Race 2 (Newsham) Years 5 & 6 3rd Place Finish
CrossCounrty - Race 3 (Stanley Park) Years 5 & 6 2nd Place Finish
CrossCounrty - Race 4 (ClarkeGarden) Year 5 & 6 TBC
Mosspits v ST Teresa of Lisieux (League) Year 5 & 6 Won 5-0
LSSP - LFC Boys Football  Year 1 1st Place
LSSP - SportsHall Athletics Year 5 & 6 3rd Place
EFC Girls Football  Year 5 & 6  3rd Place
LSSP - LFC Boys Football  Year 2

2nd Place

LSSP - LFC  Festival  EYFS Festival
Mosspits v St Paschal Baylon (League) Year 5 & 6 Won 4-3
EFC Boys Football Year 5 & 6  3rd Place Finish
LSSP LFC Boys Football  Year 3  5th Place
LSSP LFC Boys City Final Football Year 1 2nd Place
Premier League Primary Stars LFC Foundation  Year 5 & 6 1st Place
Gifted and Talented PE Year 5 & 6 Workshop
KS1 Sports Hall Athletics  KS1 1st Place
KS2 Boccia KS2 3rd and 5th
KS1 Sports Hall Athletics City Final KS1 5th Place
Mosspits v Gwladys Street Year 5 & 6  Won 3-2
Waterpolo Competition Year 5 & 6 2nd Place 
KS2 Boccia City Finals  KS2 4th Place
Mosspits v Our Lady's Bishop Eton (League) Year 5 & 6 Lost 3-4
LSSP Basketball  Year 5 & 6 1st Place
LSSP Basketball City Finals  Year 5 & 6 5th Place
LSSP Girls Football Years 5/6 2nd Place
LSSP Girls City Finals  Year 5 & 6 5th Place
LSSP Matball Year 1 & 2 1st Place
LSSP Matball Year 1 & 2 5th Place 
Mosspits v Booker Avenue  Year 5 &6 Won 
LSSP LFC Boys Football  Year 4 3rd Place
Premier League Primary Stars - LFC Foundation  Year 5 & 6  1st Place
LSSP LFC Boys Football  Year 5 7th Place
Cross-Country Championship  Year 4/5/6 TBC
Cross-Country Championship Finals  Year 4/5/6 TBC
EFC Table Tennis Competition  Year 5 & 6   
LSSP LFC Boys Football  Year 6 4th Place 
LSSP QuickSticks  Year 5/6   6th Place 
LSSP Highland Games Year 3/4  8th Place 
Mosspits (League Game) Year 5/6 Lost 6-2
EFC Angry Birds Cup Year 5/6 Up-Coming
Friendly Match (Dovedale)  Year 2/3 Up-Coming
Wovles LFC Kit Collection  Year 5/6 Up-Coming 
LSSP Cricket Year 3/4 Up-Coming
LSSP Cricket Year 6 Up-Coming


       Premier League Primary Stars - LFC Foundation 


Wow! Last week our Year 5/6 Boys won the Premier League Primary Stars competition. Our boy’s will be representing Liverpool Football Club at the National Finals on 21st May. This year hosts Wolves. 



Year 1 LSSP LFC Football Competition City Finals


What a great morning at the Year 1 Final today, all the boys showing great ‘Passion’ on the pitch. Playing some amazing football, passing and moving. Well done Mosspits.





Representing Merseyside in Cross Country 


Feeling choked! Bursting with pride! One of our boys was selected to represent Merseyside in the #crosschallenge .. he left nothing on the course and gave it his all. Sheer grit and determination on a fast course with the best runners in the country.  Go, Swith!




Year 5/6 Gifted and Talented PE Workshop


Children from @MosspitsYear5 & @MosspitsYear6 attended a Gifted and Talented PE workshop on Friday and completed lots of challenges that tested their agility, balance and speed. The session ended with an appearance from  Abigail Stones! The children were so excited ☺️





Premier League Primary Stars LFC Foundation Football Competition


Well done Year 5/6 in winning the LFC Competition and getting through to the next round at the regional finals. Well done Mosspits.


Year 2 Intraclass Handstand Competition


 2A and 2G showed great ‘Self Belief’ when performing there handstands. Well done both classes!




Year 1 Intraclass Balancing Competition


1G and 1M showed great ‘Passion’ in gymnastics. Some great moves and shapes shown today by both classes. Intraclass competition was balancing, and both classes worked really hard when performing there moves. 


Year 3 LSSP LFC Football Competition 


Year 3 having loads of fun yesterday. Showing great ‘Respect’ in every game. Well done boys.


Year 5 and 6 EFC Football Competition


Well done to our Year 5 and 6 in the EFC Football Competition on Friday. Playing some great football, passing and moving with some great skills. Was a pleasure to watch. 


Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Competition 


What an amazing afternoon at the LSSP Years 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics. Our children showed great ‘Team Work’ helping and supporting each other. Well done Mosspits.

Year 1 LSSP LFC Football Competition 


Well Done Year 1. You done our school proud today winning the LSSP LFC Year 1 football competition. Great teamwork and ‘Passion’ shown today.



Mosspits v St Paschal Baylon 


Well done to our Year 5/6 Boys football team last night. What a great win. All worked really hard and showed amazing ‘TeamWork’




Both RC and RT having great fun at LFC Academy.  Was great to see all our children at the festival having fun in all the activities. 



Year 3 Intraclass Competition


3L and 3C showing great ‘Respect’ to each other while playing Intraclass Basketball/Benchball this afternoon.


Year 2 Intraclass Competition


Well done to 2G and 2A in our intraclass competition/challenges. Both classes showed great ‘Repect’ to each other and the other class. Well done. 


LSSP LFC Year 2 Football Competition


Well done to our Year 2 boys yesterday at the LSSP LFC Football competition. Our boys showed great 'Passion' getting to the final. The final went to penalties where we lost but we showed amazing 'Respect' to the winners. We were amazing!


EFC Year 5/6 Girls Football Competition 


Our Year 5/6 Girls showed great team work on the pitch and off the pitch at the competition. Every game the girls was constantly talking and helping each other, showing great support. Was a pleasure to watch the football being played and seeing some amazing goals being scored.


Mosspits v ST Teresa of Lisieux (Match 1)







Cross Country Races


One of our Year 6 boys, showing Self Belief and Passion in all the Cross Country races. Three medals what an achievement. A massive WELL DONE.


School Games Award


The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Today Mosspits was awarded the GOLD school games mark. As a school are so proud for achieving this award. 


Mosspits v Dovedale (Friendly)


Well done to Mosspits and Dovedale year 5/6 boys football team. What a fantastic game from both teams. Good to see great teamwork and determination from the boys today. You made both our schools proud. Once again well done.


Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Competition


Great determination and team work shown today by our Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball team. All the children played a massive part in all the games, always smiling and having fun.


Year 5/6 Triathlon Competition


Well done to our children taking part in today's Triathlon competition, showing great resilience. Children had to complete one full lap of the swimming pool, followed by two laps of the track, on their bike. Finishing with a lap of the running track. Well done Mosspits.


The table below sets out the achievements for the year 2017/2018:


Event Year group Position
Cross country race 1 - Stanley Park 5 and 6

Boys team: 14th 

Girls team: 16th

Cross country race 2 - Clarke Gardens  5 and 6

Boys team:  9th

Girls team: 12th



3rd place

LFC Football 

Year 1

 2nd Place in City Final 

Sportshall Athletics  KS2

3rd place

LSSP Matball Competition Year 2 3rd place 
City Final Matball  Year 2 2nd place
LSSP LFC Football  Year 1 1st place
LSSP Boccia (School Games) KS2 1st place
LSSP Boccia City Final (School Games) KS2 2nd place
Mosspits v Dovedale Football  KS2 Lost
LGBT EFC Football Competition 5 and 6 1st place
Dance  KS2 Award for Passion
LSSP Basketball  5 & 6 4th place
LSSP Hockey 3 & 4 3rd place
LSSP Indoor Athletics  3 & 4 3rd Place
LSSP Indoor Athletics  5 & 6 3rd Place
LSSP Year 1 City Final Year 1 2nd Place 
EFC Boys Football 5 & 6 1st Place
Cross country race 3 - Stanley Park 5 & 6 

Boys team:  7th

Girls team: 11th

Cross Country race 4 - CG 5& 6

Boys team:  9th

Girls team: 14th

Cross Country race 5 - Sefton 5 & 6 

Boys team:  6th

Girls team: 12th

LSSP Netball (School Games 5& 6 3rd Place
LSSP Fustol (School Games) 5 & 6 

1st Place