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Sporting achievements (Competitions)


Mosspits Lane Primary School 

Sporting Achievements (Competitions)

Over the year, many of our children are invited and/or put themselves forward to represent Mosspits in sporting competitions.


We celebrate every single participant's achievements!


The table below sets out the achievements for the year 2018/2019:

Event Year group Position
CrossCountry - Race 1 (Wavertree) Year 5 & 6 2nd Place Finish
LSSP - Triathlon Year 5 & 6 PB

Year 5/6 Triathlon Competition


Well done to our children taking part in today's Triathlon competition, showing great resilience. Children had to complete one full lap of the swimming pool, followed by two laps of the track, on their bike. Finishing with a lap of the running track. Well done Mosspits.


The table below sets out the achievements for the year 2017/2018:


Event Year group Position
Cross country race 1 - Stanley Park 5 and 6

Boys team: 14th 

Girls team: 16th

Cross country race 2 - Clarke Gardens  5 and 6

Boys team:  9th

Girls team: 12th



3rd place

LFC Football 

Year 1

 2nd Place in City Final 

Sportshall Athletics  KS2

3rd place

LSSP Matball Competition Year 2 3rd place 
City Final Matball  Year 2 2nd place
LSSP LFC Football  Year 1 1st place
LSSP Boccia (School Games) KS2 1st place
LSSP Boccia City Final (School Games) KS2 2nd place
Mosspits v Dovedale Football  KS2 Lost
LGBT EFC Football Competition 5 and 6 1st place
Dance  KS2 Award for Passion
LSSP Basketball  5 & 6 4th place
LSSP Hockey 3 & 4 3rd place
LSSP Indoor Athletics  3 & 4 3rd Place
LSSP Indoor Athletics  5 & 6 3rd Place
LSSP Year 1 City Final Year 1 2nd Place 
EFC Boys Football 5 & 6 1st Place
Cross country race 3 - Stanley Park 5 & 6 

Boys team:  7th

Girls team: 11th

Cross Country race 4 - CG 5& 6

Boys team:  9th

Girls team: 14th

Cross Country race 5 - Sefton 5 & 6 

Boys team:  6th

Girls team: 12th

LSSP Netball (School Games 5& 6 3rd Place
LSSP Fustol (School Games) 5 & 6 

1st Place