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This year Computing is being taught by class teachers across the school.

Have a look at what we are doing this term in each Year Group...


Spring Term Second Half



Rather than half termly topics we are working through a three week cycle of Bee-Bots, PCs and iPads

iPads: Accessing and using age appropriate apps and games.

Bee-Bots: Programming Bee-Bot to get him to negotiate a specific route

PC: Using the computers to access and use age appropriate software.

What we are doing: The children are using the hardware to explore apps and software, that they can then apply

to their own earning during child initiated learning time. By using this technology, the children are able to

further develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills as well as problem solving and reasoning skills.

How parents can help: Talk to your child about the work they have been doing, and encourage them to

be independent in their use of technology around the home.


Year One

Topic: Online Safety

Computing Skills: Knowing how to stay safe online

Software: Hector's World

What we are doing: We are watching the Hector's World Cartoons to learn

about how to stay safe online, and making a book to take home.

How grown-ups can help: Talk to your child about what to do online if asked for personal details.


Year Two

Topic: Buildings in Liverpool

Computing Skills: To make a narrated slideshow all about a famous building

Software: Photostory 3

What we are doing: We have some very boring fact sheets about famous and iconic buildings of

Liverpool, and we will be turning them into fun and interesting narrated slideshows.

How grown-ups can help: Talk to your child about the famous buildings in Liverpool, point them

out when you go into town, and research a bit about them. It's good to know about these amazing landmarks.


Year Three - Monday Afternoon

Topic: Podcasting

Computing Skills: Using Audacity to create sound files

Software: Audacity

What we are doing: The children are working hard listening to the radio, and learning how people talk on the radio.

How grown-ups can help: Have the radio on in the car and at home and chat about what interesting things you hear.


Year Four

Topic: Datalogging

Computing Skills: Using collected data to investigate scientific questions

Software: Log Box

What we are doing: The children are designing, planning and carrying out scientific investigations that require

we measure sound, light and temperature.

How grown-ups can help: Talk to your child about the work they have been doing. Do you know anyone who uses

datalogging in their job or everyday life?


Year Five

Topic: Game Design

Computing Skills: Designing and creating games using Scratch

Software: Scratch

What we are doing: The children are learning how games are built, and having a go

designing their own computer games.

How grown-ups can help: Talk to your child about the work they have been doing,

and you can also research how programmers develop games.


Year Six

Topic: Programming/Flowcharts/Robotics

Computing Skills: Looking at how computer programs can be represented on paper

Software: Flowol/Lego Mindstorms

What we are doing: We are learning all about how a computer program can be represented in a flowchart

and how everyday systems such as traffic lights can be controlled.

How grown-ups can help: Talk to your child about their work, and encourage them

to do their own research into which gadgets are controlled by computers and how.