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Whole school quality texts

READ as a Writer, WRITE as a Reader


‘READ as a Writer, WRITE as a Reader’ is our whole school quality text-based approach to English lessons. This involves planning an engaging English curriculum using a wide range of high-quality texts for each year group every half-term. We have designed an English curriculum that is centred around both classic and long-standing much-loved books and novels as well as new and upcoming authors and texts. We’ve invested money in bringing in a range of quality texts, including buying whole class sets of books and novels that each class are studying.


Part of our whole-school approach will be to immerse in their class texts, exploring the way the author uses language and to explore this to develop our children as writers. There is a wealth of research to show that one of the most effective ways to become a good writer is to be an avid reader; to unpick language from books and use this as a model for quality writing.


You’ll see us promote our whole school texts and class activities via our website and Twitter. (Look out for the hashtags #READasaWRITER #WRITEasaREADER and #LOVEbooks). We’ll send newsletters about the books that each class are studying and texts that we are excited about, with recommendations for reading at home.


For more information about this project and the thinking behind it, see below.