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Week Ending 25th September 2020

Friday 25th September 2020

Learn the sounds and picture cues for: i n p g o

Some sounds are bouncy like "i-i-i" and some are stretchy like "nnnn"

Practice writing the sounds: m a s d t (use the rhyme as they write)

m = Maisie, moutain, mountain

a = around the apple and down the leaf

s = slither down the snake

d = around his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet

t = down the tower, across the tower


Use the resources in the Phonics folder


On Monday we will be marking the European Day of Languages.

We teach French in our school and all the year groups are looking at French artists.

Our artist is Marc Chagall.


Have a look at ‘The Green Donkey’, can you create a picture of an animal which is a very different colour?


 Are you good at noticing things?

Can you find and say the numbers all around you?

They might be on doors, car number plates, clocks etc.

Can you write or draw the numbers you find?


Continue to try your very best to be independent when getting dressed.

E.G. Can you turn your jumper or cardigan from inside-out to the right way round

and then put it on?




Show us what you’ve done by:

Taking a photo

Making a video

Using a device

 ...and send it via Class Dojos.



Well done to everyone who managed to use ClassDojos

to send an activity to your child's portfolio last week!


Please let us know how your child gets on by messaging us on Class Dojos.

Send photos, videos or use the worksheets and tools on Class Dojos to create evidence.


 If you  have any questions about the homework please add it as a comment to this week’s post on the Class Story.

 Please refer to the How to… guides to learn how to use the Class Dojos system.