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wc 30.03.20


You don’t have to ‘home school’, the phrase in the UK is ’home educate’. Take the word 'school' out of the equation and your stress levels will reduce a great deal.

You can educate watching a documentary, playing a game, reading a book, walking in the park, building with Lego, drawing, listening to podcasts, digging the garden, talking about world issues.


NOTHING about education has to be about workbooks, sitting down, stressing about goals or SATS or standards or hitting targets. 

Stop thinking about home schooling. Start thinking about home educating. It’s much more fun and much less stress.


· Words in blue are links to resources on the reception webpages

· No printing is required - if necessary activities can be completed on paper

· Complete the activities that you can, as best you can, if time and support  are available


Continue the on-going tasks from last week with the following additions.


Using a story they know or one they are reading, create a story map.

Can they use the pictures and words (if used) to retell the story?

Can they teach the story to someone else?

Who can retell the story the best?




Can you measure things and compare the length, height and width of things?

Parents you don’t have to use standardised units,

you could using a measuring stick and count how many sticks something is.

Or compare one thing with another e,g ‘that is 3 straw lengths and that is 5 straw lengths’.


Understanding the World/PSED

Create a magical Easter egg.

This egg can have anything you ’d like in it  - objects, people, wishes, dreams, memories, feelings etc.

What would your egg look like?

What would you put in it and why?

Can you create a model of it, including a box?

You could even create an advert for it!