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wc 29.06.20


Review the letter names using the flashcards  —focus on any they are not  secure on (up to 5 only).

Practice these daily and review again, selecting any other letters that aren't secure naming.

Practice saying the name and the sound of each letter.

Practice the phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words.

Review all the Phase 3 phonemes using the flashcards - focus on 3 that aren’t secure using the videos. 

Also use the games on PhonicsPlay



Use your log-in to look at texts in the Reading Bug—read and talk about them.

Log-ins were sent out to you via email and on ClassDojos.

Please contact us if you didn’t receive your child’s log-in details.


Also have a look at the PhonicsPlay Comics

using decodable words

Focus on Phase 2 & 3 but some may be ready for Phase 4.

You can log-in for free using:

Username: march20      Password: home



Create a comic like those at

PhonicsPlay Comics .

You could use the templates below to help you.

Try to only use words that you can spell using your letters and sounds . Use the tricky words you know.


PARENTS—they should create alternative spellings using phonetically plausible alternatives.

This promotes independent writing. Correct spellings can be added as they learn new phonemes and tricky words.



Use the Hit the Button games again to practice Number Bonds , Doubling and Halving (as appropriate).

Use the ladybirds, butterflies and bees sheets to help you practice doubling and halving 

- can you improve on last week or move to the next level?

If you cannot print the sheet try drawing the character and using buttons or similar objects to create the patterns for the your child to double or half (share into two equal parts).



Think about your time in Reception.

Talk about your favourite memories.

Draw a picture and send it to your teacher. You could add a description

(you might need an adult to help you).


Talk to the adults in your household about their memories of school—can they remember their first day/first teacher?



Try the following:  Go-noodleSuperMoversYogaJust Dance


Complete a Daily Mile for 10 minutes.

Daily mile activities links here


Dance with the Elements - 4 dances to learn and perform


Let's Get Active - joining in with a virtual world