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wc 01.06.20

Home Learning Activities


Continue to read to an adult for 10 minutes everyday.

Choose a book and complete a simple book review using the template below.



Use the T4W at Home Booklet to exploring ‘The Amazing Adventures of Max’. SoundCloud

Look at p.9—Telling and inventing stories. 

Make up your own story about a walk with a dog and decide what happens. 

Start by drawing pictures to help you plan your story.



Revise sh, ch, th, ng.  Use the resources on the website to help you.

For those that are ready, try Phase 4 too!



Place value—how many numbers can you place in the correct position?



Go on a walk around your local area. 

Find plants growing in as many different places as you can.  Talk about why plants grow where they do.

During the same walk, or  during another time or even in your garden, go on a minibeast hunt - you could use the sheets below.




 Try out the SuperMovers Website —it links movement  to Maths, English, PSHE and French.

 Also try Cosmic Kids Yoga—it uses storytelling with yoga movements. Start with the short videos .



Think about people that are special to you - they might be people you live with or people who live in other places that you haven’t seen during lockdown (maybe you have connected with them via social media).


Use the powerpoint (or the images of the slides) to think more about your special people

- maybe everyone in your family could choose someone?

Draw and write about your special people.

Use the resources to think about ways we care for our special people.



From your walk or in your garden collect dead or dying plants (don’t pick living ones).

 Try drawing what you  see just using a pencil.

Think about the lines you are using - are they straight or curved?

You could use colours in your drawing or shading - look at the black and white photos of plants.


Share your work with us!

Take photos and send them to your teacher via email or Class Dojos.