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wc 23.03.20


You don’t have to ‘home school’, the phrase in the UK is ’home educate’. Take the word school out of the equation and your stress levels will reduce a great deal. You can educate watching a documentary, playing a game, reading a book, walking in the park, building with Lego, drawing, listening to podcasts, digging the garden, talking about world issues.


NOTHING about education has to be about workbooks, sitting down, stressing about goals or SATS or standards or hitting targets. 

Stop thinking about home schooling. Start thinking about home educating. It’s much more fun and much less stress.


· Words in blue are links to resources on the reception webpages

· No printing is required - if necessary activities can be completed on paper

· Complete the activities that you can, as best you can, if time and support  are available



Choose a book from the Oxford Owl website - you will need to create a parent account

(information about this can be found in the general resources section).

Use the notes in the book cover to discuss the text and the online activities.


Also look at the Reading Pleasure ideas in the Literacy and Phonics section of the general resources.



There are handwriting activities and guidance on the Oxford Owl website.

Look at the guidance and work on the next step for your child.

Make if fun using different writing tools, colours, textures.

 Write on paper, in flour or rice, on someone’s back with a finger, with a hose in the garden, use paint and paintbrush; there are so many ways to encourage this.

 More guidance is available in the Literacy and Phonics section in the general resources.


Practice the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds the Phase 4 blends and Clusters and the Tricky Words 2, 3 & 4.

 We will add some useful YouTube clips that you might get your children to access

—please remember to monitor the use of YouTube because it is unfiltered.

Oxford Owl also has phonics guidance.



There are some great suggestions and activities on the Oxford Owl website.

 Try to use maths in your everyday activities:

Counting, measuring, saying the time, addition and subtraction, positional language,

sorting and describing 2D and 3D shapes etc.

Some videos are in general resources.



Find out about:

 ¨ Easter celebrations in this country

¨ Easter around the world

¨ What Easter means to Christians

¨ What Passover means to Jews



Practice Dough Disco (a recipe playdough can be found here).

Carry out a daily challenge from Go Noodle ( you'll need to sign up)

and other exercises found in Physical development section of the general resources.



Use the videos in the French general resources  to practice:  

       Þ greetings for hello and goodbye

Þ asking and answering questions about names

Þ asking and answering questions about feelings

Þ numbers to 10

Þ some animal names

Þ some colours                 




Sing songs and create rhythms and beats (maybe using household objects).

Log-ins for Charanga music will be available in the Creativity section in the general resources - coming soon!


Ongoing activities:

Þ Follow recipes and instructions

Þ Learn a new skill

Þ Build a model

Þ Draw things you can see

Þ Draw things you can imagine