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wc 22.06.20

Home Learning Overview

Here are some activities for you to use this week.

Safe active, Safe Healthy and Have Fun!

Resources are linked below.

Choose as many of the activities below as you can across the week.



Look at the Virtual Health Week activity - sheet
- Click on the activity for each day - it will take you to guidance sheets/videos.
- Challenge yourself to improve your personal best- log your attempts (like the example on the right)

Which sports values did you use in completing your activities?


Daily physical activities - go out walking, jogging, cycling if you can.

Try the following: Go-noodleSuperMoversYogaJust Dance


Irish dancing challenge - have a go at learning some Irish dancing - see video.
Look out on Twitter for staff attempts!


Complete a Daily Mile for 10 minutes. Daily mile activities links here


Dance with the Elements - 4 dances to learn and perform


Let's Get Active - joining in with a virtual world



Our Bodies - PPT and Investigation Sheet


Talk about what do we need to keep healthy? - link


Healthy eating – It is important to eat healthily.

Can you make your own fruit kebab? Use this link to help.

Design a fruit/vegetable competition - ideas here

Make your food look like something else!


Design your own sports kit - sheet



Here is a PowerPoint looking at French fruits - it has sound buttons – PPT
If you don't have PowerPoint, here is a PDF version – French fruits



Practice the sounds (one each day): oi, ear, air, ure, er

Use the video to explore the words with these sounds in.  

Your child might think of other words with the same sound but with a different sound

- reinforce that there are other spellings that they will learn in Year 1.

Then try writing these sentences (one each day):

er   v oi c e  i s   l ou d    to   s p ea k    to   the   c l a ss.

20 20   h a s   b ee n   a n   o d d   y ear   so   f ar.

My   h air   i s   l o n g   n ow.

He   i s   h igh   u p   the   l a dd  er.

Tricky words - say the letters not the sounds

Sound out each words and then say the word - asking your child to try and write it.

Ask them to draw a picture to go with.

Reinforce the use of a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of the sentence.



Use the Hit the Button games to practice Number Bonds and Doubling (as appropriate).

Use the ladybirds, butterflies and bees to help you practice doubling and halving. (See below)

If you cannot print the sheet try drawing the character and using buttons or similar objects to create the patterns

for the your child to double or half (share into two equal parts).