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wc 20.04.20


Can you read to an adult for 10 minutes everyday?

Create a chart (or use the one below) to record it.

Ask an adult to send a photo of it to your teacher on Class dojos or email

 Listen to a story (this count include ones online) can you draw an illustration for your favourite part?


Talk For Writing: The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis

1. “Hook In” activity - watch the video about catching newts

Talk about their experiences of catching creatures (and yours too!)

2. Include the book by watching the opening of the video showing the author

(the sound isn’t great and you can’t see the text.) Then listen and look at the text

3. Imagine you caught a ‘Bog Thing.’ What would it look like? How would it move? How would it feel?

Draw pictures of your creature and write about it. You might want to use the writing frame ideas below.



Practice the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds the Phase 4 blends and Clusters and the Tricky Words 2, 3 & 4.

Can you make simple sentences with the words you know the sounds for?

Can you sound out the words and write the words with help/or on your own?

Can you draw an illustration? 

E.g. Pip sat on a pin!



There are suggestions and activities on the Oxford Owl website.

Create a repeating pattern using numbers, shapes or objects you can find at home.

How many different patterns can you make?

Can an adult start a pattern and you finish it?

E.g. *//*//*//*  or 2,4,6,8,10 or []][[]][[] or ***///**//*/***///**//*/***


PSED/Our World

Think about rainbows.

What do they make you think about?

Why have we used rainbows during our time away from school?

What have you liked about being away from school?

What haven’t you liked about being away from school?


Physical Development

 Practice Dough Disco (a recipe for playdough can be found here).

Carry out a daily challenge from Go Noodle and other

Exercises found in the Physical development section of the general resources.



Use the videos in the general resources  to practice:  

       Greetings for hello and goodbye

Asking and answering questions about names

Asking and answering questions about feelings

Numbers to 10

Some animal names

Some colours



Sing songs and create rhythms and beats (maybe using house hold objects).

Log-ins for Charanga music will be available in the Creativity section in the general resources - coming soon!



 Build a machine from things you have at home.

What does the machine do?

Explain it to an adult—you could draw and write about it.