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wc 08.06.20


If you haven’t already, register with

Oxford Owl to access lots of free stories to read together.  Click on the link below to get started.



Use the T4W at Home Booklet to explore ‘The Amazing Adventures of Max’. A reading of the story: SoundCloud.

Look at p.14—17: Rhyme Time

Sing and clap the rhythms of the rhymes - there are lots and lots of them!

Then try thinking of words that rhyme (you could invent some of your own). 

Play the rhyme games.



Using the sounds and blends that you know, from Phase 3 and 4,  and the tricky words.

Can you create words and write sentences.

Can you could add a drawing to go with it.



2D Shapes revision

Use the Shapes PowerPoint if you can download it.

Can you find objects in your home that have a square, circle, oblong, triangle or oval shape?

Can you draw around them and label the shape?

Can you could add colour?

You can create pictures using these shapes, and others you might find.

Use the colouring sheets (if you can print or maybe get an adult to help copy them)


- colour each shape in a different way and use the key at the bottom (this tells everyone the name of the shape).  

Try the drawing challenges.



Minibeasts Part Two

Play the  Minibeasts—What Am I? PowerPoint Quiz - if you can download it.

Think about the different types of minibeasts and the different features they have.

Can you create your own marvellous minibeast and label it’s features?

What is your minibeast called?

What is it’s habitat like?

What does it eat?

Send us your photos  to we’d love to share them.


Continue using SuperMovers Website - it links movement  to Maths, English, PSHE and French.

Also try Cosmic Kids Yoga - it uses storytelling with yoga movements. Start with the short videos .

You could tweet your photos and videos to  @Mosspits_PE - make sure your name isn’t in it.




Use the video and discussion notes to explore the story and  the issues it raises.

This is a lesson that relates to the issues raised through the #BlackLivesMatter movement which has hit the headlines

after the tragic death of George Floyd.

If the children are aware of these events you might want to talk about the issues.

Remember: we are all equal under the law but unfortunately not everyone is treated fairly or equally

- especially people of colour. 

It is important that we remember: “Your Voice Matters” and “You can make a difference.”



Use the links below to learn the steps to drawing characters

- you might need help from your older siblings or an adult, some of them aren’ t easy.

Now try and create your own character using what you have learned from the artists.


Everyone is Welcome YR + Y1 VIDEO

If you are watching the video please use the discussion notes.
There is a 10-15 second pause between each action and slide.
Please pause the video to allow time to talk about the question and issues raised.