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wc 08.06.20

08.06.20 Home Learning - Weekly Overview

Maths: Arithmetic


Black Lives Matter Lesson

Use the video and discussion notes to explore the story and  the issues it raises.

This is a lesson that relates to the issues raised through the #BlackLivesMatter movement which has hit the headlines

after the tragic death of George Floyd.

If the children are aware of these events you might want to talk about the issues.

Remember: we are all equal under the law but unfortunately not everyone is treated fairly or equally

- especially people of colour. 

It is important that we remember: “Your Voice Matters” and “You can make a difference.”

Black Lives Matter Y5 + Y6 VIDEO

If you are watching the video please use the discussion notes. There is a 10-15 second pause between each action and slide.
Please pause the video to allow time for discussion.