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Modern Foreign Languages overview

At Mosspits our chosen language of study is French. Every year group in school has a half an hour French lesson each week (with EYFS building up to this). Children have opportunity to develop their French language skills as well as learn about French culture and traditions. We have a foreign language assistant who works with 2 year groups each half term, providing the children with an excellent model of French spoken language as well as bringing new ideas and activities into school.


We also use daily incidental French so that throughout the day children hear and use French around the school. Registers  are taken and classroom instructions are given in French, each class having a 'mini-prof du jour' who is in charge of our daily French calendars and gets to give French instructions to their class. Children are encouraged to practise their French conversations with other children and adults around school.


In our school community we are fortunate enough to have two French speaking families, who have kindly offered to support our French curriculum. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to hear and have conversations with native French speakers, and to be able to find out more about life and culture in France. Mr Levy has already enthused Years 1 and 2, reading them a traditional French story during our European languages day celebrations.


We are also in the process of setting up links with a primary school in France, which will be a fantastic way for our children to converse with primary school children in France. More information to follow.


Parents - get involved at home using the links below to practise French at home and learn more about French culture