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Link with French school l'école Jean Jaures

This year, with the support of our French colleague Monsieur Landroit, we are very exciting to be developing a link with our partner French school l'école Jean Jaures in Pantin, Paris.


The aim of the project is to provide children with a real life context for their language learning and at Mosspits we are very excited about being able to communicate directly with children in France. The children in class 4V have been emailing class CM2 and their teacher M. Landriot to find out more about life in a French school, as the children's confidence in French grows we hope to move toward children sending individual emails to a partner child in class CM2. Each email sent is written in both French and English so that the children learn to improve their own French language skill and also support the French children's language learning by correcting any mistakes in their English email.


Mosspits would like to thank Monsieur Landriot, the Head teacher and the students of l'école jean Jaures Pantin for supporting this project.


Below is the link to the blog of Jaures Pantin, which shows our communications so far: