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Here at Mosspits Lane Primary,  we are passionate about teaching our children how to manage their emotional wellbeing.


Our Aims

  • To encourage children to identify positive attributes about themselves.
  • To offer a safe and nurturing environment where pupils feel comfortable in talking about their feelings and emotions.
  • To enable children to identify when they are feeling challenged.
  • To provide children with strategies that they can use when they are finding things difficult.
  • To support every child to enable them to reach their full potential.



Mental Health Award for Schools

All members of  Mosspits Lane Primary have been working hard to achieve the Mental Health Award for Schools. It is extremely important to us that all stakeholders are able to establish and maintain positive emotional wellbeing.  The award has given us the opportunity to bring emotional wellbeing and mental health to the forefront of our teaching. It runs through our family ethos as well through everything we do on a daily basis, from our curriculum to Theraplay and intervention for those who need it. Through the award, we have been able to set some long term goals: 

  • To show our commitment to the development and promotion of a positive emotional wellbeing.
  • To improve the emotional wellbeing of all our stakeholders
  • To identify children who may need support with achieving a positive emotional wellbeing
  • To offer support, intervention and services to those identified as needing help with their emotional wellbeing
  • To teach our children strategies to identify how they are feeling and self-help strategies to improve their emotional wellbeing
  • To gain the views of all our stakeholders on how we tackle the issue of emotional wellbeing.