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Thank you to everyone who was involved in the Investors in Pupils Assessment day: the parents , the governors, the teachers, the teaching assistants and the children. Everyone played their part in gaining the award, we all should be proud of this achievement.


It was a very busy day, with our assessor, Mr Bob Jones, speaking to representatives across the school. It was great to see the children clearly enjoying this experience, clearly articulating their love of the school and learning. Mr Jones commented that coming to Mosspits was "a breath of fresh air" and that he it was an entirely positive experience.


The full report and the letters to Miss Everitt and the children are below. But here are some of the highlights:


The school promotes the development of "well rounded citizens" providing clear academic and personal targets, which are supported by a wide range of rewards, celebration events and assemblies, "golden rules" and broad range of extra curricular clubs and activities.


Parents recognise the positive attitude, behaviour and learning of the pupils, "Children are extremely happy to come to school and are therefore happy to learn" :Parent. They see the school as "Open, friendly and accessible and very proactive in dealing with issues":Parent.


The school council is extremely dynamic and actively involved in pupil voice and promoting school activities...The chair of the school council said "Pupil voice gives us a chance to make the school a better place and enjoy our learning".


As an Investors in Pupils assessor it was a pleasure and delight to talk to so many well behaved and well informed pupils.


There is an embedded sense of value and respect throughout the school, pupils feel valued and in return value and respect both the staff and the school environment. There is a true sense of community within the school with children at its heart.


It was clear from pupil comments that enjoyment of school and learning provided the motivation to come to school every day.


The school and its pupils are warm, kind and friendly creating a very welcoming atmosphere.


During playtime and lunchtime behaviour was of a very high standard.


The pupil attitude is a testament to the management, leadership and staff who create it in true partnership with parents and pupils.


The report highlighted two areas of development:


  • Investigate the possibilities of pupils creating induction booklets in different formats such as film, power point presentations or computer-stored information.
  • Further develop a whole school enterprise programme to enhance the understanding and awareness of financial literacy.


We aim to review these and work on them in the year ahead.


Once again, well done everybody! In the words of one of our school songs: "We're so proud of our school because it's made by you and me!"