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Heart of a Gladiator

Heart as strong as a gladiator

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be involved in this innovative training programme from Big Heritage in conjunction with Heart Research UK. It was about keeping healthy, eating well and having a heart ‘as strong as a gladiator’.  The fun, physical activities with gladiator 'Gluteus Maximus' were based on the training regimes of Roman gladiators and pupils explored the Roman diet which was whole-grain, non-processed and packed with fruit and vegetables.

Dressed up as Roman soldiers, our pupils took part in a day of hearty fun, led by a 'real' gladiator in kit.

Big Heritage have been working with Heart Research UK to use archaeology as a tool to communicate diet and exercise in the past.

A great way to combine learning in science and history in a fun and engaging way.

We love Big Heritage workshops at Mosspits!