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Grief, Bereavement & Separation



Death is a subject that is difficult to address.  It is almost inevitable though, that at some point the school community will be affected by a death.  This might be the death of a child, staff member, a family member, or of someone connected with the school.  


Through providing a curriculum that acknowledges and addresses loss, death, bereavement and grief we can improve the skills of children and young people to deal with and emerge positively from them. Discussions about death should not be avoided or dealt with in a glib manner; instead they should be sensitive and open. (Please refer to the PSHEe and RE curriculum documents for more details and general guidance). 


Our school is well-placed to help children and young people to explore and develop an awareness and understanding of death, as well as to support those personally affected by it.  An important part of this is the ability to support children, families and staff at times of loss and bereavement, as well as helping children and young people to support their peers, decreasing the sense of isolation that can be part of it. 


Every death and the circumstances in which it occurs is different and this policy has been constructed to guide us on how to deal professionally, sensitively and compassionately with difficult matters in upsetting circumstances.


At Mosspits Lane Primary School, we are committed to the emotional health and well-being of all staff and children.  We are dedicated to the continual development of a ‘healthy school’.  We wish to work towards this in all aspects of school life, and to provide an ethos, environment and curriculum that support and prepare children for coping with separation or loss of a loved one, either through death or relationship breakdown. 


This policy is for all staff, children, parents/carers, governors, visitors and partner agencies working within the school. 

Taken from the policy Introduction