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European Day of Languages 2016


Each year at Mosspits we celebrate the 'European Day of Languages'. Since 2001, European Day of Languages (EDL) has been widely celebrated on the 26th September every year  in countries across Europe.

European Day of Languages is a fantastic opportunity to immerse children in foreign languages, to inspire their passion for learning a foreign language and to give them an opportunity to explore the cultures surrounding the languages that they are learning in greater depth. 


On Monday the 26th September we had a range of creative enrichment activities taking place in school, all French-themed, as this is our school's chosen language of study.  Classes explored different areas of French culture on the day. Reception enjoyed learning the names of the colours in French , Year 1 listened to the famous 'le carnaval des animaux' by French composer Saint-Saëns and held their very own Carnival of the Animals. Year 2 and 3 classes explored the work of famous French artists Seurat and Rousseau and produced some excellent artwork inspired by the artists.


In Year 4 children investigated all the French speaking countries around the world and created fact files about each country. Year 5 studied the colours in French and applied their language learning to a pointillism inspired art lesson.  In Year 6 children discussed their ideas about the value of learning a foreign language and researched the prehistoric Lascaux cave.


Our French fun continued on Thursday at lunch time with a French-themed school lunch in the canteen.


We have had a fantastic week and have many more French celebrations to look forward to this year!