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Calculation Videos for Parents/Carers

At Mosspits Lane Primary School we have a Calculation Policy which outlines the progression in how children should be taught addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in stages.
The aim is that children use mental methods when appropriate and use an efficient written method when they cannot calculate in their heads.
The series of videos that we have to help illustrate the strategies will be found in each year group page in the links section. In many of the videos, there are even more examples of calculating methods than we have set out in our school policy.  You will also find a copy of the school Calculation policy attached to each year group.
Please note that the videos are organised in year groups but this is a guideline only. Children are at different stages of development and teachers often have to track back to revise/reinforce previous methods/strategies. As well as this, they may need to accelerate some pupils' progress by introducing some methods earlier than expected.