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Black History Month

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We celebrated Black History Month as a themed week on Monday 28th October. 

Thank you to all who contributed, particularly our enthusiastic parents and grandparents who came and gave their valuable time and experience to the children!

Our classes loved their workshops with Curtis Watt, Levi Tafari and Movema Dance.

Year 5 were moved by what they learned in the International Slavery Museum and Becky Barnett,a local artist, did some great work with Yr2 on the festival of Kwanzaa.

We looked at some of the countries and cultures represented by Liverpool's Black Community and at famous Black icons in history and modern day.

Every class in the school learned about Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech and they wrote and presented their own versions of 'I have a dream'.

Thank you to Miss Ainsworth for working so hard to put on such an excellent week of enrichment activities.
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