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Anti-bullying Weeks


We have a great Anti-Bullying Week, reminding ourselves  that we are All Different but we are All Equal.

During the week we talked about how our British Values impact on our attitudes to others:

The Equality Act states that everyone should be treated fairly, this includes showing respect to others; allowing them to be themselves even if we disagree with their beliefs.

We focused on the labels that we wear - see the PowerPoint below.

Our theme song was 'Unique' by Andy and the Odd Socks.



The week started with a whole school assembly that introduced the theme for the week, "I have the right to be safe". The other focus was about the power of words - our words can build up or tear down. The children responded well to the ideas presented and really enjoyed singing a song that became an anthem for the week, "You are a star".

During the rest of the week classes unpacked the themes in discussions, art work, singing and drama activities.

The week ended with a special celebration assembly where children from different year groups presented work to the whole school.

A good week was had by all.